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If you've ever wanted to meet someone who is undeniably themselves but can adapt and write to any circumstance and brand voice, then look no further!

I've been intrigued about advertising since I was 13, and Terry Crews came on T.V. to yell about shower gel. I knew then and there that I wanted to do just that! (The advertising, not screaming without a shirt)

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Advertising from Texas State, and have since spent my professional career doing what I love most—namely, creating thought- and emotion-provoking works in which I can express myself.

Being busy didn't deter my love for my hobbies and friends. I still am the same guy who is a human basketball encyclopedia, loves what society may deem 'nerdy', and is even a published author.

If that isn't enough, I have an impressive list of accomplishments!

2006 Time Person of the Year

As many championships as the great Barry Sanders

Higher net worth than MC Hammer

For a short amount of time was the world record holder for "Youngest Person"

And much more!

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