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Various Works

Client: Western Governors University
The task at hand: To showcase the unique education model to prospective students and create pathways to opportunities through education for all.
Through various campaigns that I led, we were able to grow applications to the university as a whole at about 9%, and through my dedication to the School of IT, we saw a near 18% rise in applications.

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WGU Email.png
ER WGU 3.png
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Various Works

Client: Various
The task at hand: Complete isolated work and campaigns in order to satisfy client.
I have spent years working with different agencies from Salt Lake City to Austin as a freelance writer and creative director.

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Various Works

Client: Academy Mortgage
The task at hand: To create branded messaging for mortgages through various mediums
Our main objective is to sell mortgages, but also, to sell Academy Mortgage and why they are worth taking your business to by showcasing the positive impact they have on the world.

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Various Works

Client: Progrexion
The task at hand: To raise awareness and conversion within the credit industry
Our main objective is to create a mixture of brand awareness with some direct messaging qualities in order to convert viewership to memberships.

Pizza Day social media post
Charge off email
They Say banner ad
Citi Rewards email
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They Say Social
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"Simply Timeless."

NSAC 2018. 
Client: Weinerschnitzel
The task at hand: To change the perception of the hot dog.
We were targeting adults aged 25-34 adults who are the "trend-makers". We decided a sarcastic, but fun, approach towards them would be more eye-opening towards their preconceived notions towards the poor little hot dog. We wanted them to realize that 'Old' and 'Basic' could be a good thing. It could be Simply Timeless.

Long Copy
Bus Shelter
Long Copy 2
Long Copy 3
Food Truck Poster
Grocery Cart Ad
Betty White Commercials
Social Media Influencer Box
Spotify Timeless Tunes
Betty White Instagram
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"The Space you Deserve."

The One Club Creative Boot Camp 2018
The task at hand: To highlight the fact that Hilton offers more space wihtin each room than their competition.
We set out to target the wide array of possible target markets through Hilton's many different hotel companies. By keeping the theme of needing space and finding the common ground that a little extra room is becoming a commodity we took a more humorous approach at a problem that everyone has at least once in their day, be it their commute, elevator rides, or even their love lives.

Parking Card
Parking Card 2
Card in Car
Hilton Print 2
Hilton Print 2
Elevator Ad
Elevator Ad 2
Elevator 3
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"Small Farm. Always Growing."

Freelance 2019
The task at hand: To shed light on an all organic, local, small farm in a world of mega-stores.
A small farm with a large spot in my heart, I decided to work on a campaign that would highlight what makes this place so great. I set out to make a campaign that showcased their dedication to quality, their lifestyle, and their ability to take genuine care of their animals. Instead of targeting demographics, I focused more on psychographics. With this campaign, we go after adults who care about where their food comes from, go out of their way for quality, and hold significance for local rather than chains.

TerraCopia Print
TerraCopia Print 2
TerraCopia Long Copy
TerraCopia Card
Card Holder
TerraCopia Farmer's Market
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A Ryan Unger Original Work

Published book 2019
Not traditional advertising, I know. But I am an avid writer. I wrote this book while doing school and work full time in about six months. The book taught me a lot about the power of words and how to truly evoke emotion through my choice of vocabulary. As cheesy as it sounds, this is my proudest accomplishment.

Until the End of Time and Back
Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Biggest Fan
Biggest Fan 2
Biggest Fan 3
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"Real Life Isn't on a Screen."

Class project 2019


Client: Kraft


The task at hand: Get Kraft to be the talk of drop off and parenting groups everywhere during Back to School 2019 in the US.


We took a chance and decided the best way to create a socially aware campaign would be to attach it to the brand rather than the product. By tackling a larger issue in the dangers of social media and how it affects parents, and how they compare themselves verse what they see. By highlighting the fact that social media isn't "real life," we can take some of the pressure off parents and shines a new family-friendly light on Kraft. It was essential for us to only highlight the food as a peripheral as to avoid pushing the product to make it seem inauthentic.

Life Outside the Screen 1
Life Outside the Screen 2
Life Outside the Screen 3
Reality of the Shoot
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